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Father's Day Pick-Up Special

Dozen minimum required purchase is waived if you pick up in the Northland (near 169 and Barry Rd) Friday, June 14 (4-6 pm) or Saturday, June 15 (1-4 pm). Pick-up details confirmed after order receipt. For pick-up orders, options include:

  • Gift box with one cookie (3.5-inch cookie) - $5 

  • Gift box with two cookies (3.5-inch cookies) - $8

  • Gift box with four cookies (3-inch cookie) - $12

  • Gift box with six cookies (3-inch cookie) - $15

  • Gift box with 12 cookies (3-inch cookie) - $23 - best value (can split into multiple gift boxes for additional $2-4)


All delivery and shipping orders require one dozen minimum purchase.  

See gift box examples. (ribbon optional). 

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