Thanks to a delicious family recipe, sugar cookies always have been one of my family's favorite holiday treats. After making our family sugar cookies with delicious buttercream frosting for friends and receiving rave reviews over the years, I launched Sugar Cookie Bliss in November 2018 so I could share these delicious cookies year-round.


In September 2021, Sugar Cookie Bliss expanded out of a home-based business, and now operates in a commercial kitchen where we take care to ensure every batch is made just as it was intended -- a blissful combination of soft cookie and delicious buttercream frosting.


We offer delightful designs to entice you to find a reason to share them with friends and family. However, we hope once you try them you'll find that "just because" is always a good reason to order a batch for yourself or someone you care about.


Most of all, we hope they bring a smile to your day!

- Karissa Todd, Owner & Founder

Sugar Cookie Bliss operates out of a commercial kitchen in the Northland area of Kansas City, MO. All cookies are made to order in small batches with scheduled curbside pick up, delivery and shipping.